08 October 2009

Still My Baby

I sometimes forget how young Isaac is. I know that sounds silly, but we tend to read books and watch movies with him that are geared toward older children, so when he latches on to a "babyish" book I am pulled back to the reality that he is still very much a pre-schooler. And that is fine with me. As much as I look forward to being able to put the money that goes to daycare each month into our savings account or toward a new car payment, I really am not wishing the time away. I enjoy the nights when bedtime stories range from The Avengers to Goodnight Gorilla and I will miss reading Where's Spot when he no longer pulls it from the shelf.

On our last trip to the library we brought home some books that reminded me of Isaac's pre-schooler tastes. One in particular is Who is Driving? by Leo Timmers. Each spread features four animals in varying outfits and a vehicle. One of the characters is dressed so that the children can pick out who goes with the vehicle. The text simply asks, "Who is driving . . . ?" The reader has to predict who will be driving the fire truck or the convertible or the race car on the next page. I was actually pretty impressed that Isaac was able to figure out that the stork in the bomber jacket and leather helmet is supposed to fly the WWI era plane, not the polar bear dressed as a modern day pilot.

This book appeals to boys' fascination with all things wheeled. Add in the animals and it is a sure fire hit with pre-school males. The illustrations are simple, brightly colored acrylic pictures that are not overwhelmed with detail that is lost on a four-year-old. The text is concise and after a couple of readings, Isaac was "reading" it to me.

I think I enjoy reading books like this more than Matt does, partly because I know the day will come soon enough that Isaac no longer wants to read "baby" books. And I will miss them because it will mean he is not my baby anymore. For now, though, pair this with a Hulk comic and everybody is happy.

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