22 June 2010

One Person's Trash Is a Boy's Treasure

I can't believe I have not posted about this book yet. It is the quinetessential boy book; I do not know how I have overlooked it. It has a loudmouth garbage truck, poopy diapers, stinky underwear and a trash alphabet rap. And the title is one that will appeal to any boy: I Stink! What boy could resist that?

We actually do not own this book anymore. It fell apart. After countless readings, trips to Florida and being taken to daycare for story time and being shared among all the boys in the class, it had had enough. Our copy was paperback and the pages began separating from the cover. After losing a couple it wasn't the same trying to recite the text from memory without the pictures to add context. Saying fish heads without seeing the disembodied head on the page lacked the EWWWW! quality that makes the book so perfect.

There isn't much more I feel the need to say about this book. The narrator is a garbage truck and it's gross. Boy material from the front cover to the last page.

Kate and Jim McMullan have collaborated on other books. I'm Dirty (about a front loader) is another one that hits the mark with boys. But it doesn't top I Stink! I mean, really, how do you do better than an alphabet of trash?


  1. I love this book -- although Boy #4 loved I'm Dirty even better, simply b/c it's about a front end loader and he's crazy about construction equipment.

  2. I've used both at school and I Stink! is hands down the favorite. It's the trash alphabet that clinches it. :)