04 March 2012

A Seussical Week

Friday was Dr. Seuss' birthday.  It was also Read Across America Day.  I haven't planned any school-wide activities for this day the past few years.  Just didn't have the energy.  But this year I wanted to try and get some fun activities planned for the students.  So a few weeks ago I sat down with a couple of other teachers to map out a plan for daily themes to catch the students' attention.

Monday was Silly Foot Day.  I wore my orange flame tights in honor of the occasion.  Tuesday was Sparkle Word Day.  I made a glittery sign with the word OBFUSCATE boldly glued on the front.  Wednesday was Cat in a Cap Day.  I decided to go stylish in my black fedora rather than wear the tall red and white striped hat all day.  Thursday was Oh the Places You'll Go Day and I proudly wore my LIBRARIAN t-shirt.  Friday was Blue Ribbon Day.  I wore a blue shirt and blue jeans.  Caldecott Books took center stage on Friday.

Each day I displayed books that fit in with the theme of the day for students and teachers to check out.  One difficulty with stretching the celebration out to a full week is that the Dr. Seuss books were all checked out by Tuesday morning.  Students who came in on Friday looking for Cat in the Hat were disappointed.

The activities were a nice break from the regular school routine.  The kids had fun and I think the teachers did, too.

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