07 June 2012

Time It Was and What A Time It Was

The school year is over.  Isaac made it through first grade and is now officially a "rising 2nd grader."  Where has the time gone?  I know it is horribly cliche to ask that, but I am really having trouble grasping that the boy I picked up from school today is the same one I brought home almost seven years ago.

Isaac has grown so much this year, not just physically -- though he is several inches taller now than he was last summer.  He is maturing into an honest-to-goodness KID and it won't be long before he is a YOUNG MAN.

When I was pregnant, I promised myself that I would not wish time away and would do my best to appreciate each stage of Isaac's development.  Some have been easier than others to be thankful for.  And at times it was hard to focus on what was "now" and not think about "soon" or "in a few months" or "next year."  I tell friends that while I do not want another child, especially not another baby, I would gladly relive those days and years with Isaac.  I miss HIM as a baby -- nursing him and cuddling him -- I miss HIM as toddler -- exploring and creating havoc -- I miss HIM discovering language and skills and learning about the world around him.  He is not my "baby."  He has become my "son."  And there are times that I am not sure how we have arrived at this place.

One thing Isaac loves to do is look through the albums I have of each year since his birth.  He will flip through them on his own or with Matt or I.  He is filled with curiosity about what he was like when he was a baby and toddler.  I like looking at the albums with him -- it's almost like reliving his early years, but without the lack of sleep.  I am not sure that Matt and I are doing this "parenting" thing correctly or even very well, but as we look at the photographs of the past six years and at the person Isaac is becoming I think that maybe we are at least adequate.

In a few years, when I am wondering again how we have gotten to where we are, I think I will look back on year seven as one of my favorites.  Seeing Isaac tackle more tasks on his own, watching him ride a bike for the first time, answering his questions and listening to his observations about the world -- all of these things converge in a kid that I enjoy spending time with and look forward to getting to know better.

Isaac's eighth year will bring with it many changes and plenty of challenges.  I look forward to watching him grow and have new experiences.  But for now I will enjoy where we are and remember where we have been.  And wonder where the time has gone.

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