01 July 2013

Father's Day (a bit late)

Matt doesn't wear a tie often, so neck-wear has never been a go-to Father's Day gift for us.  Most of the time when I ask Isaac what we should get his father for Christmas or a birthday or Father's Day the answer is "a video game."  That is usually a good choice because it is something the two of them enjoy doing together.  But this year we went with books.

Matt had a book in mind that he wanted, Joker: A Memoir by Andrew Hudgins, and it just so happens that Carl Hiaasen's newest novel Bad Monkey was coming out that week.  So he got something he had been wanting and I got to surprise him with something he wasn't expecting.  We had a book fair the last week of school, so Isaac picked him out a book, too, Because I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa.

Recognize the last name of that author?  Because I'm Your Dad is written by Frank Zappa's son as a tribute to his father and his happy childhood.  It was really the perfect story for Isaac to give Matt -- many of the things the father and daughter do together in the book are things that Isaac and Matt enjoy doing together.  There are many books celebrating mothers, but not as many for fathers.  This is a fun one that is quirky and sweet.

Isaac hit the jackpot when it comes to his dad.  I don't celebrate him or their relationship enough, but Isaac would not be the cool kid he is if it weren't for Matt.  We don't make a big deal out of holidays like Father's Day or Mother's Day, or any other random "Day" that the Hallmark commercials want you to buy cards for. But we do recognize them in small ways.  This year on Father's Day weekend we went camping for the first time with Isaac, got to see the moon and Saturn through some whopping telescopes, and had fun spending time together.  It was the best way to celebrate our family, Isaac's awesome dad, and their relationship.

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