25 August 2013

Promoting Faith

It was promotion Sunday today at church.  Each August, at the beginning of the new Sunday School year, our church hosts a breakfast at which they introduce the Sunday School teachers and recognize students who are moving up to a new class.  Children who are changing classes receive a new Bible or a book to help them along their faith journey.

A child who grows up in our church receives seven books between their dedication as an infant and their graduation from high school.  And each time, the church renews its commitment to the children to be a community of faith which supports and nurtures them.  

Today Isaac moved up to the 3rd-5th grade Sunday School class and was given a new Bible, the NIV Adventure Bible.  He has a wonderful group of teachers who will be guiding him this year in his new class.  He has now been given four of the seven books that he will receive from the church.

These are the words the congregation said after the children were recognized this morning:

Renewal of Commitment to the Children and Youth of College Park
Children and youth of College Park, as your church family, we affirm that you are children of God, beautifully and wonderfully made in God's own image.  We value the uniqueness of each one of you, and we commit ourselves to being a place of steadfast love and support as you continue in this life journey.  We promise to teach you the gifts and stories of the Christian faith; to encourage you as you question, challenge and explore your faith; and to model for you the radical ministry of Jesus Christ, so that you too might boldly live out your faith with others.

Four years ago, when he moved from the toddler class to the 4 year-old Sunday School class, Isaac got an illustrated book of the Psalms.  I think this is one of my favorite moments ever and one I pictured today.

Once again, I was reminded how lucky we are to belong to a church that loves our son so completely.

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