20 September 2013

Barbarians at the Gate

Fangbone by Michael Rex

A review by Isaac (typed by Mom)

The book was about a boy from a different planet who was a barbarian named Fangbone. And he traveled from that planet to this planet and he ended up in a junkyard.  There was a school nearby so he went to that school and tried to blend in.  He had to fight all these crazy monsters along the way.  And he has a friend named Billy.

There was a war between these crazy monsters because they wanted the Toe of Drool and the leader of the barbarians gave the Toe to Fangbone so he could come this planet.  He becomes Billy's friend.  He goes to Billy's house and tries to find a snack.  He finds hot wings and Fangbone eats the hot wings and his face starts turning red.  He swallows the hot wings and he says to Billy "why did you think I would like this?"  Billy says, "because you are a barbarian.  I thought you would like something hot and spicy."  Then, Fangbone takes Billy to the garage and finds good sports gear to dress up to fight the crazy monsters.  The Toe begins wiggling which means that there are monsters nearby.  A monster starts coming out of the ground and it was a Hound Snake.  It had the head of a hound, the body of a snake, a helmet, and two sharp snake teeth.  They fight the Hound Snake and couldn't defeat it.  Then Billy remembers the hot wings and Billy runs to grab the of wings out of the refrigerator.  When the Hound Snake comes toward him, Billy throws the hot wings in its mouth and it jumps over the fence.  Then they drop the Toe of Drool and a bird picks it up. They chase the bird and Fangbone throws a worm at the bird.  The bird drops the Toe but a squirrel picks it up and they chase the squirrel. Then Fangbone throws an acorn at the squirrel.  The squirrel drops the Toe of Drool and they get it back.

I thought this book was cool and crazy and it was kind of weird that a barbarian traveled to this planet and started going to school.  I think it was a crazy, weird idea that the author wrote this book.  I want to read more about Fangbone and I think other people should, too.

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