27 July 2010

Dressed for Success

I have not watched the "Charlie and Lola" TV show, and neither has Isaac as far as I know. We do, however, own a couple of "Charlie and Lola" books and I find Lauren Child's humor and voice a perfect fit for young children.

Our favorite to read is But I am an Alligator*. I picked it up at book fair one year because it looked cute and it was about a little girl who dresses up as an alligator. The purchase may have coincided with the year that Isaac was an alligator for Halloween. Have I mentioned that alligator's are popular animals around our house?

In this book, Lola, who likes to dress up, is fixated on her alligator costume. It is her "favorite and her best" dress up outfit. Lola wears it everywhere, to her bother Charlie's embarrassment, and she asserts that she is "not ever never taking it off." Charlie looks out for Lola and is rather horrified that she plans to wear her costume to school when she speaks during the school assembly. In the end, Lola manages to steal the show and teach her older brother a lesson about being confident and knowing yourself.

Lola is charming and her brother, Charlie, is patient and caring. Child's characters are real and convincing and Isaac relates to Lola's pre-school adventures. Like Lola, he often believes that he can do "everything all on my own," and he knows that, like Charlie, I am there to catch him in case he falters.

*This book is based on Child's characters, but was written by Bridget Hurst and the illustrations are produced from the tv animations.

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