11 July 2010

Making the List

Every library conference that I have attended in the past five years has included at least one session about encouraging boys to read. And in those sessions the presenters typically provide a list of suggested books. If at least one of Jerry Pallotta's books is not on that list, the presenter has not done his/her homework.

Pallotta writes for boys. Maybe that was not his intention when he began writing children's books and he may not have boys specifically in mind as he works on each book, but his topics are generally very boy-centric and his books are perfect for inquistive little men.

Most of his books are animal/nature alphabet books, but he has also written a number of math and counting books. His alphabet books can be read on two levels -- as a straight alphabet book, simply matching the letter with an object, and as an informational book, utilizing the explanatory text about each object.

As I was going through Isaac's library pulling books to bring to Grandma's house, I realized we have a large selection of Pallotta's books. The Beetle Alphabet Book made the cut to be packed into the "going to Florida" suitcase. That was Isaac's choice. Mommy would have preferred to bring The Furry Animal Alphabet book. What can I say? I'm a girl.

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  1. I'm going to have to check him out. Thanks for the tip!