23 January 2011

A Whale of a Good Time

Isaac has been bringing non-fiction books home from his school library the past couple of weeks. The last one was a rather lengthy book about frogs. I will be honest. We didn't read it. That was the first time we neglected to read one of his library books, but it just never made it into the nightly story time. Although, I think it would have definitely put him to sleep. It was more of a read-for-a-report type book than a let's-snuggle-and-read book.

This week's book, however, was much better suited to bedtime. The Best Book of Whales and Dolphins by Christiane Gunzi is an illustrated guide to, of course, whales and dolphins. On each spread there is a main paragraph about the animals, with smaller side paragraphs to add detail and explain illustrations. It was the kind of children's non-fiction that I can get lost in, perusing all the tidbits of information spread throughout the book. Isaac liked it, too.

After we finished the book and were about to turn out the lights, Isaac decided he needed to switch sleep toys. He dug through his closet to find his stuffed orca. Said orca is currently in bed with Isaac, dancing to "House of Bamboo" by Southern Culture on the Skids. Maybe we need to get Isaac a copy of Jimmy Buffett's "Fins" for his whale to dance to, though I guess that would be better suited to the nights he sleeps with his hammerhead shark.

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