11 February 2011

Something to Crow About

Isaac and I had a really great trip to the library last week. Since we have started reading chapter books, he really wanted to find some more Junie B. Jones books to check out. He has also been reading more to us and we have been choosing some more challenging books for him. So, he and I went to the library with some specific goals in mind.

Typically, on our library trips I choose the books while Isaac plays. This time he was as involved in the choosing as I was. Very enthusiastically, too. I had such a good time watching and helping him add books to our pile that our bag was overflowing when we left the library.

One of the books I found was an older one that I though Isaac would enjoy. It was a North Carolina Children's Book Award nominee a few years ago, and I remembered the students at school laughing quite a bit when I shared it with them.

Bob by Tracey Campbell Pearson is the adventure of a rooster who thinks he is a hen. He clucks instead of crows. Finally, the other farm animals convince him he needs to find his true voice and he wanders around trying out other sounds until he finally finds a rooster to teach him to crow. His trials and errors are laugh-inducing and the results of his efforts are heroic. And it is fun to read.

Isaac enjoyed it, but not as much as Junie B. Jones. I have plenty of others, though, to balance out bedtime for the near future.

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