11 March 2011

You Scared Me!

You can tell when Isaac has been in a room because every light is on when he leaves. His bedroom is in the basement, along with the den, laundry room, bathroom and a storage room. When he wakes up he immediately walks to each of them, opens the doors and turns on the lights. He has a bit of an issue with the dark.

His fear of the dark is what connected him to the book Jumpy Jack and Googily by Meg Rosoff. Jumpy Jack and Googily are an odd pair, a snail and a blue, two-fingered monster. Jumpy is a bit, well, jumpy and thinks there are monsters behind every bush, tree and rock. Googily is his best friend and gladly checks behind each bush, tree and rock to assure his friend that all is well. But Googily has his own fears, and Jumpy Jack is there to check under the bed when the lights go out.

It is important for young children to know that everyone is scared of something and to feel confident that they have someone who will look out for them. Jumpy Jack and Googily make a good pair, odd as they are. It makes me glad to know that Matt and myself are that someone for Isaac right now. Now if I can just get him to turn off the lights.

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