23 March 2011

Meerkat Manor

One of our favorite places to go on a warm, sunny afternoon is the local science center. A few years ago they added a zoo, which is rather impressive for its size. The first exhibit you see as you enter is the meerkat habitat. Sometimes we strike out, but most of the time the clan is active and playful. We could stand for hours and watch them.

We visited the science center the other weekend, the first warm one in a while. I thought of this book while we were there watching the meerkats go about their business. Meet the Meerkat by Darrin Lunde is a book geared toward beginning readers, but it is packed with information. The format is question and answer. Each page begins with a question which the author proceeds to answer in language that young readers will understand, but which does not detract from the informational value. The illustrations help convey the playfulness of this animal.

Isaac and I read this book before bed last night and we talked about what we had learned about meerkats. I know the next time we visit the science center we will both be armed with a few more facts to think about as we watch their antics.

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