16 June 2011

More is Better

Kids love books that interact with them as readers. When the author talks to the reader and makes him/her part of the dialogue, the child takes ownership of the story in a way that they cannot with more traditional storytelling. These books are also, usually, a whole lot of fun to read out loud.

Kenn Nesbitt's More Bears utilizes this storytelling device in a masterful way. Isaac has loved bear books since he was an infant. Nesbitt recognizes that bears are a favorite story animal and that for many children, more is better. No simplicity theory in this book. He also understands that many children want to be "authors" and makes them part of the writing of the story as bears pop up in ever increasing numbers as you turn the pages in response to the readers' demands of "More Bears!"

We laughed our way through this one. I can imagine reading it to a group of children, with their screams of "More Bears!" resounding through the library, completely dispelling the myth that libraries are quiet spaces.

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