13 June 2011

Summer Time

We have reached the end of the school year and summer activities are beginning. Camps, ball games, pool time, cook-outs. I love summer. What teacher doesn't? But it isn't just the fact that I don't have to work that I love - I come alive as the days get longer and warmer. I have more energy and more enthusiasm for getting together with friends and taking Isaac on excursions around town. The heat doesn't bother me nearly as much as the short, cold winter days that we suffered through just a few weeks ago.

So, since I am more awake and productive this time of year, I will once again make my summer pledge to post more about the books that we are reading (or have read in the recent past). Three books a week is my goal. Here is the first . . .

Right at the end of the school year a new shipment of books came in, just in time to go on the shelves to be ready for August. In the box was Mr. Duck Means Business by Tammi Sauer. It came home with me along with a stack of others that I thought Isaac may like. We read them in one sitting and this one was at the top of our list, though I connected with it more than Isaac did.

Mr. Duck is a loner and keeps to himself on his pond, protecting his space from intruders. One summer day, the other animals ignore his "Keep Out!" warnings and make use of his pond for an afternoon swim. His peace destroyed, Mr. Duck grumpily sends them on their way, only to realize later that having company isn't so bad, sometimes.

I can totally relate to Mr. Duck. I need my space and my quiet time, but there are times, especially in the summer, when I want my friends around and there is nothing better than a crowd. This was the perfect book to read as we get ready to enjoy the few weeks of relative freedom that summer brings. I welcome everyone to invade my swimming hole -- the water is lovely this time of year.

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