19 July 2011

Fast Travels

Matt and Isaac will end summer vacation by traveling to New York City to visit a high school friend of ours. Matt is already planning the trip -- Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, Museum of Natural History, possibly a Broadway show.

They are taking the train there and back, and will travel around town using the subway. Isaac has never been on a train (neither have I for that matter) except for the old steam engine rides they have at amusement parks. He did ride the subway when we visited friends in DC two summers ago. I guess it is more accurate to say he rode the Metro.

Since I knew they would be getting ready for this trip, I brought home Subway Ride by Heather Lynn Miller from the library. It is written in rhyme and the characters travel the subway in various international cities. Sue Rama, the illustrator, captures the hustle and bustle of the many cities in her paintings. This book is a quick underground trip around the world. There is also a fact section at the end about the different places mentioned in the book that was quite interesting.

As we read the book, we talked about riding the Metro in DC and looked forward to the experience they will have in New York. We even talked about maybe visiting another city with a subway system, now that we are international travelers, although it is more likely we will just go to Atlanta and ride MARTA.

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