06 July 2011

Dragon Tales

We have spent a lot of our bedtime storytime reading chapter books the past few months. So there are fewer books to write about as it takes much longer to read them. And many of the books are one of a series, and really there is only so much I can say about Junie B. Jones or the Magic Tree House.

We had seen the movie How to Train Your Dragon when it was in theaters, so as a break from Junie B. and the Tree House kids, I brought the book home from school to read.

I had not read the book, the first of a series, though I knew many of my students liked it. If you have also seen the movie but not read the book, prepare to be surprised (or not considering Hollywood's tendency to borrow a title and create a movie that has nothing to do with the book). We actually really enjoyed the movie and as a film I think it stands on its own as a good story and a well-made movie.

I think the book also stands on its own as a good story, though it was a little long and the vocabulary was beyond Isaac's level so he missed a lot of the jokes. The gimmick is that the main character is writing his story as a how-to-book for future generations. There is adventure, gross scenes and an heroic ending.

I think when Isaac gets older I will encourage him to try it again. Since it is a series, it may be something he gets hooked on.

We have a bag of library books sitting in his room (on his still clean floor), and we bought some new books at Ed McKay over the weekend, including one of my childhood favorites, The Littles. So we have plenty to read, and hopefully there will be plenty for me to share here in the next few weeks.

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