18 September 2011

The Little Things

I read a childhood favorite to Isaac a few weeks ago. I have very fond memories of The Littles by John Peterson, but few other people have heard of it, or so it seems from the number of blank looks I have received over the years.

It is a short novel about a family of little people, with tails, who live in the walls of a house owned by the Bigg family, whom they live off of and help in "small" ways. (Yeah, I know. Rather groan inducing.) In the original book, the Littles must adjust and survive while the Biggs are on an extended vacation and the threat of mice is introduced into their lives, along with a cat.

While this book may not have lived up to all of my childhood memories, Isaac and I enjoyed reading it together. I like being able to share books that I loved as a child with him and seeing his interest piqued. There is a series of Littles books, along with an animated show (will probably skip that - unless it is on Netflix). I think we will head over to Ed McKay to hunt down a few more.

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