01 October 2011

Read Kiddo, Read

A friend posted the link to this article on Facebook earlier this week.

He makes a point that is close to my heart -- parents are kids' first reading role models and they need to be actively involved in their kids reading lives, including helping their children find books that they love. He makes other really good points, as well, about how to find books kids will love, mentioning numerous resources.

He plugs his own reading site, ReadKiddoRead.com, which is a pretty good resource. It has books lists on multiple reading and age levels, lesson plans on the Educators page (though some of the links are bad), interviews with children's authors, and tips for raising readers.

Getting kids to read is a hot topic. As an educator, it's nice to know there are advocates out there for spreading the responsibility beyond the school walls. Not that schools are off the hook, and I am trying to meet the standards that Patterson sets in my library and as a parent.

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