21 February 2014

Graphics Galore

I realized that the book I was planning on writing about tonight was another one that received a lukewarm reception.  Rather than have two fairly negative posts in a row, I chose instead to share a book that I knew Isaac did enjoy.

Isaac reads a lot of comics and has begun reading graphic novel series beyond the Marvel and DC heroes that many people are familiar with.  He shared why he liked Fangbone with you and has since read the next two books in the series.  Another series he has begun is Bone by Jeff Smith,  He has only been able to read the first book so far because they are rarely checked in at the library and he cannot find the second.  (He is like his mother -- reading a series out of order is not done.)

Smith's characters, the Bone cousins, are run out of their homeland of Boneville because, according to Isaac, they threw a big picnic to which they invited all of the Bone people.  They brought a "big blimp thing like you see in a parade" to the picnic, but the wind blew it around and the balloon destroyed the party.  This apparently angered the other Boneville inhabitants and the cousins were banished.  They find their way to a forest where they meet a dragon and "a bunch of things" that try to eat them.  Thus their adventures begin.

I can see why the books are so popular.  And, since it has been months since Isaac read the book, his recall of the story details is pretty good, a good sign that the story has hooked him.  Funny, bizarre characters appeal to him.  Which is why the book I will share tomorrow was not one of his favorites.

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