12 April 2011

Live and Let Spy

What is it with little boys and all things spy related? The sense of adventure? The appeal of having secrets? The guns and other cool spy "toys?" Probably all of these, I would guess. And I don't think it is just boys -- I am sure there are many girls who get caught up in spy games. I myself find the culture fascinating. When we were in DC a few summers ago, the one place my husband insisted we visit was the Spy Museum and I think I was more enthralled than either of the boys were. Isaac has not escaped the spy bug, though he was too young to really appreciate the Spy Museum. But he does love spy toys. He bought a small nerf gun on one of his yard sale expeditions with his father recently and he will walk around the house, sneaking around corners, trying to catch one of us unaware.

Since spies are a hot topic at our house, I picked up Agent A to Agent Z by Andy Rash at the library a few visits ago. Each agent is on a mission to complete an assignment that begins with the letter of its name and Agent A is supposed to find the spy who is not carrying out the assignment. As an alphabet book the concept doesn't hold up real well. Some of the associated jobs are not linked well to the letter. But as a spy book it is fun. The 1960's looking art makes me think of "Mission Impossible" and Sean Connery James Bond movies. The last page of the book depicts all of the Agents at a Spy Dance. Isaac enjoyed looking through and picking out which were his favorites and remembering what their mission was.

I don't know that there was much Isaac could learn about spying from this book, but he is still working on his stealth approach and peaking around corners waiting to ambush an unsuspecting parent. Visitors beware.

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