13 April 2011

Spring Reading

It's time for another composite post. We have been reading library books and I have been listing titles that I wanted to write about, but the list keeps getting longer and I never seem to have time to sit and write about each book. So here is a recap of a few that Isaac has enjoyed this month.

Late for School by Stephanie Calmenson was Isaac's favorite of the pile we brought home a few weeks ago. In this book the teacher breaks his own rule about never being late for school when his car won't start and every other means of transportation he tries falls through. The illustrations are colorful and the text is fast-paced. It's a great book for talking about modes of transportation and time, or even having a discussion about good or bad rules. But it is also funny, which will appeal to most kids.

The Show and Tell Lion by Barbara Abercrombie was one Isaac really liked, as well, and it was one of my favorites, too. Isaac brings something to school every week to "show" his class. It's a big deal to a kindergartener to be able to share. In this book, a little boy has nothing to show or tell, so he makes up a story about having a pet lion. His classmates are fascinated and ask him every day for news about his lion. His story gets out of control, when his friends want to see his pet. He finally has to admit to his lie, but he ends up writing his lion stories down and adding new ones that he shares with his class every week.

How Do You Wokka-Wokka? by Elizabeth Bluemle was my favorite of the pile. Isaac liked it, but I had more fun reading it. In it a little boy has his own way to wokka-wokka (dance, walk, move, etc.). As he wokka-wokkas through his neighborhood, his friends show off their unique moves. It is a great book for celebrating individuality. The text is written in rhyme, so the rhythm of the dancing comes through in the beat of the words. On the last page, everyone is wokka-wokkaing in a big block party. Isaac and I talked on this page about which were our favorites and why. He liked the boy who moved like a fish. I liked the girl who stood like a flamingo. This book has been mentioned on many "best" lists in recent months.

If you are looking for non-chocolate treats to add to Easter baskets, these would be great additions.

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