14 April 2011

In Camelot

Isaac brought home a Magic Tree House book from the school library last week. We have been working some chapter books into our nightly ritual, so we have been reading a couple of chapters at a time. This series has gotten a mixed reception from our family.

Matt prefers Junie B. Jones, while the main character in those books makes me want to tear out my hair. Isaac loves Junie B., just like his dad. I, however, prefer this series. They are fantasy adventures, that also provide some information depending on where the current story is taking the main characters. Isaac will listen to them, but not with the same enthusiasm as Junie B. Jones.

The premise of the series is a Magic Tree House filled with books that connects Jack and Annie to Morgan le Fey, who is (according to these books) the librarian of Camelot and a sorceress, who then sends them on adventures, or quests, using the books found in the tree house. Throughout the series, the children travel to real and mythical places. Now, my college roommate who has a Ph.D. in medieval literature would take offense at the twisting of the Arthurian legends, but I have a less academic connection to these myths and am attracted by the use of popular stories to frame a children's series.

There are also research guides to accompany some of the titles which can further the reader's study of something that was mentioned in the book. We are just about finished with our first foray into "The Magic Tree House" adventures and I hope that Isaac will continue to be interested in them. Matt can read Junie B. Jones, but these will be my domain.

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