14 April 2012


Spring Break is almost over.  We have kept busy with trips to the amusement park, hiking at a state park, the zoo, baseball games, the science center, and play-dates.  Today we take one last excursion to the mountains before settling back into our familiar routine.

My house is not as clean as I planned it would be.  I have barely opened my bag of school work.  Isaac is not quite done with his Earth Day project.

It's been a good week.

"Behind the Museum Door"

What's behind the museum door?

     Ancient necklaces,
     African art,
     Armor of knights,
     A peasant cart;

     Pioneer wagons,
     Vintage cars,
     A planetarium


          with stars;

     Priceless old coins,
     A king's golden throne,
     Mummies in linen,


     A dinosaur bone.

by Lee Bennett Hopkins (from Good Rhymes, Good Times, pg. 6)

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