19 April 2012

Spring Cleaning

Isaac helped me dust yesterday.  It's become our thing since I have been trying to manage my housework load by doing 30-45 minutes a day in different rooms of the house.  He offered to vacuum, too, but couldn't quite manage the vacuum cleaner.

He has come a long way from the little boy who would sit on the stairs and try to yell over the noise of the vacuum begging me to turn it off.

"Me vs. Vacuum"

When the vacuum
starts its roaring,
I start calling
to be heard.

Dad can't hear me;
he keeps pushing.
Vacuum swallows
every word.

I try shouting
even louder.
Now it's rumbling
by my feet.

Vacuum cleaner
sucks my voice up.
Vacuum cleaner's
got me beat.

by Betsy R. Rosenthal (from My house is Singing, unp)

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