04 April 2012

Happy School Library Month

I had a difficult time choosing a poem tonight.  I flipped through our Jack Prelutsky books and came across quite a few that could have worked for today.  I finally narrowed it down to two, and couldn't decide between them. So you luck out and get double the poems for the price of one.

It is School Library Month and our local school librarians professional organization did our annual presentation to our school board yesterday.  Schools were recognized for their reading accomplishments, Battle of the Books Teams were honored and the Employee of the Month was a school librarian.  These poems seemed appropriate after an evening focused on literacy . . .

“Look! Look!”

Look! Look!
A book!
A book for me,
a book all filled
with poetry,
a book that I
can read
and read.
A book!
what I need.

Look! Look!
A book
to open wide,
and marvel
at the words inside,
to sit
and savor
Look! Look!
A book!
A book for me.

"Boys are Big Experts"

Boys are big experts
At looking for trouble,
They climb over fences,
They tunnel through rubble.
Boys take their time
When they're called to the table,
Boys have to eat
Like they live in a stable.

Boys love to throw things
And get into tussles,
Make nasty noises,
And show off their muscles,
Lots of stuff leading
To bruises and bleeding,
Why don't they stop for a while...
And start READING?

by Jack Prelutsky (from My Dog May Be A Genius, pg. 43 and 99)

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