02 April 2013

Bouncing 'Round the Room

We went to Monkey Joe's today so this poem seemed appropriate.  Substitute "Easter" at the end and it is even more fitting for this week. Brownie points to the person who knows where the blog title comes from.

"Bouncing Off the Windows"

I'm bouncing off the windows.
I'm bouncing off the walls.
I'm feeling like my feet are made
of bouncing rubber balls.

I'm running like I'm crazy.
I'm running like I'm mad.
I might seem like a lunatic
but, boy, I'm feeling glad.

I'm jumping like a kangaroo
or like a jumping bean.
I act this way at least a week
right after Halloween.

--Kenn Nesbitt


  1. You are just fishing for comments aren't you?

  2. Yes, though that would be "phishing."