28 April 2013

God on a Sunday Morning

It promises to be another wet day at Merlefest.  We are going for the Avett Brothers.

Me and God

Well I know a preacher he's a real good man
Speaks from the good book in his hand 

And helps all people when he can
But me and God don’t need a middle man

Now I found God in a soft woman’s hair
A long days work and a good sittin chair
The ups and downs on the treble clef lines
And five miles to go on an interstate sign

My God my God and I
Don’t need a middle man

Now I don’t doubt that the Good Book is true
But what’s right for me may not be right for you
So church on Sunday I stand beside
For all the hurtin people with the fear in their eyes

And I thank the Lord for the country land
And just like Paul I thank Him for my hands
But I don’t know if my soul is saved
Cause sometimes I use curse words when I pray

My God my God and I
Don’t need a middle man

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