03 April 2013

Do I Have To?

2013 is my year to try new recipes.  Matt and I have enjoyed the variety so far and discovered some new foods.  But Isaac is not so thrilled to be asked to eat something other than grilled cheese and apples.  I can sympathize because I was a picky eater, too.  I don't think I ever tried this, though.

Twenty Bucks
By Darren Sardelli

When I asked dad for twenty bucks,
he said, “Lets make a deal.
I’ll give you money only if
you eat a healthy meal.”
I found him sitting on the couch
before I went to bed.
I looked into his tired eyes
and this is what I said:

“I finished all my vegetables.
The carrots tasted great!
I ate the piece of celery
that mom put on my plate.
The eggplant was delicious
and the string beans were divine.
The peppers were fantastic
and the broccoli was fine.
The giant baked potato
was the highlight of my night.
The juicy red tomato
filled my belly with delight."

My dad said he was proud of me
and handed me the cash.
I hope he doesn't find out
all this food is in the trash!

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