24 April 2013

Quiet Please!

People often comment about how quiet the library is.  Most day I would prefer more noise in here, either from teachers coming and going or students working.  But then there are days when the quiet is a blessing.  Today is one of those days.  Tomorrow, I will wish for more noise.


I like noise.
The whoop of a boy, the thud of a hoof,
The rattle of rain on a galvanized roof,
The hubbub of traffic, the roar of a train,
The throb of machinery numbing the brain,
The switching of wires in an overhead tram,
The rush of the wind, a door on the slam,
The boom of the thunder, the crash of the waves,
The din of a river that races and raves,
The crack of a rifle, the clank of a pail,
The strident tattoo of a swift slapping sail.
From any old sound that the silence destroys
Arises a gamut of soul-stirring joys.
I like noise.

by Jessie Pope

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