09 April 2013

Guy Time

I had some work to do this evening so Isaac and Matt used the time to play video games.  Lucky.

Zany Zapper Zockke 
by Jack Prelutsky 

The greatest ace of video space 
was zany Zapper Zockke, 
for just a single quarter 
he could play around the clock. 
One day he played a fateful game 
he loved to zap those fishy blips 
to countless smithereens. 

They stormed in strange formations 
but he boldly beat them back, 
with both his blasters blazing, 
Zapper weathered each attack. 
They employed bizarre maneuvers, 
and they set uncanny traps, 
yes they met disintegration 
from his lightning counter-zaps. 

His hands were swift, his aim was true, 
his strategy was keen, 
he faced those fish invaders, 
and he blew them off the screen. 
They seemed to swoop from nowhere, 
but he calmly kept his wits, 
and with sharp and deadly volleys, 
Zapper shattered them to bits. 

The machine began to sizzle 
as the points began to mount, 
he zapped so many space sardines 
that even he lost count. 
Then, in a flash, he vanished, 
for he moved at such a pace, 
that he spun into a time warp-- 
Zapper Zockke's in hyperspace!

from New Kid On the Block, page 151

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