03 December 2011

Christmas Time's A'comin'

We are easing into the Christmas season.  The tree is up, but not completely decorated.   No other Christmas decorations have left the boxes they were packed in last January.

Christmas music is on the radio, though I am already tired of the same ten songs the dj's are compelled to play.  I keep saying I am going to load my Christmas music on my mp3 player, but I have yet to do it.

This evening we took Isaac and our friends' daughters to a Christmas pageant that some of my students were in. After the program we drove around looking at lights and went downtown to see the city's Christmas tree.

I read Isaac Olive the Other Reindeer by Vivian Walsh before bed tonight, and afterwards I brought the Christmas books out of storage.  And I predict that Dave the Elf will make his appearance tomorrow morning.  

Tomorrow we have the church children's Christmas party and I have bought our Angel Tree gifts and pajamas to donate to Foster Friends.  I am also making plans to take Isaac to see "Miracle on 34th Street" when they play it at the theater downtown.  

Tonight Matt and I said while driving down our friend's street to look at lights that it seemed like just last week we were trick-or-treating at those same houses.  I know that in a few weeks we will wonder where this time before Christmas went.  I want to slow down and enjoy it.  I am trying to think of some different activities we can do this year to help make the time special.  Mostly, I just want to have quiet time to relax with Isaac and Matt during this hectic season.

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