13 December 2011

Home Again

One of my favorite books to read this time of year is Bear Snores On so I was excited to see a new book by the same author and illustrator team.  Where Is Home Little Pip? by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman is about a penguin chick who gets lost after he wanders away from his parents.  They eventually find him and everyone ends up safe and happy.

The sentimental story is more appealing to parents than children, but the reassurance that your parents will keep you safe is a message that is good for them to be reminded of.  And penguins are just cute.

Bear Snores On will always be my favorite of Wilson's and Chapman's collaborations, and Isaac is too much of a boy to love this story, but it's a good choice for a snuggle-by-the-fire-and-read kind of book.

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