08 December 2011

Naughty or Nice?

David is back in his very own Christmas book.  Kids who loved him in No, David!, David Gets in Trouble and David Goes to School will like this book.  And many parents of little boys (and girls) will be able to relate.

It's Christmas, David! finds the lovable mischief maker sneaking into closets to look for presents, waiting in line with a very long list to sit on Santa's lap, playing with the ornaments rather than decorating the tree, and worrying that maybe he has been too naughty for Santa to bring him anything but a lump of coal.  Anyone who reads this book will feel his anxiousness when he wakes up from a bad dream of an empty stocking and his joy when he sees his presents on Christmas morning.

While the David books seem to be written for the youngest children, they are enjoyed by anyone who remembers what it is like to be a child, especially at Christmastime.  And for those who are really hard to impress, David runs down the street naked and even pees in the snow.  Who can resist that?

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