18 December 2011

Santa's Lazy Helper

I have been lazy with our elf this year.  He has spent more than one day in the same spot and we have had to make up excuses about why he didn't move overnight.  The first time was after Isaac had had his color changed at school, so we said that he was waiting until he could take a good report back to Santa.  After that, I gave up trying to find a good excise and just said that "Dave," the elf, was too tired to travel.  We have made more of an effort to move him around each night, but it has definitely not been his best year.

Isaac is fascinated by Dave.  He looks for him every morning. Elves are a big deal to him right now.  He came home excited the other day because his teacher had read a book to the class that we have at home.  The Littlest Christmas Elf by Nancy Buss is about an elf who joins Santa's crew, but is unsure of his role as the littlest member of the crew.  He is befriended by an old elf who helps him get settled, and turns out to be Santa himself.

It is a story that appeals to a kid's desire to fit in or to be important.  And Santa is an image of friendship and caring.  I like that Isaac is enthralled by his elf and I like that he is still young enough to believe in Santa.  I want to hold on to this time of innocence as long as I can . . . so I guess I had better go move Dave.

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