02 December 2011

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

Isaac has to research Hanukkah, write down two facts and draw a picture of a symbol of the holiday for a school project this month.  We don't have any Hanukkah books at home, so I brought a non-fiction book from school and Matt borrowed some fiction books from a co-worker.  In an effort to avoid procrastination, Isaac and I read the Hanukkah books this afternoon and he wrote down his facts after we discussed what we learned from the books.

His favorite of the books we read was D is for Dreidel by Tanya Lee Stone.  He said it had more information than the other fiction books.  He thought we needed to read the non-fiction book, though, to get better facts.

D is for Dreidel is an alphabet book, which is probably obvious from the title.  Each letter is accompanied by a key word and a rhyme.  The common Hanukkah terms are covered, along with throw-ins like neighbor, uncles, and xylophone.  Never new those were Hanukkah words, huh?  Me either.

I was actually thankful for the books when I saw them on the counter this afternoon.  Since I am trying to write about a holiday or seasonal book each day this month, I need some variety. I plan to also read some Kwanzaa books to Isaac over the next few weeks.  We will need a break from Santa and his reindeer.

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