17 December 2011

Isn't It Odd?

It doesn't feel like winter.  It has been in the 60's here this week, so the wool coat stayed in the closet with the gloves safely tucked in the pockets.  We have had a couple of bone-chillingly cold days this month, but for the most part the weather has been very mild.  And the forecast does not give the impression that it will feel like Christmas when it gets here.

Yet, we continue to read about snow because every kid dreams of a white Christmas.  Missing Mittens by Stuart Murphy was the latest book that we read to try to get in the mood for winter.  It was an appropriate choice as I tackled matching mittens and gloves in order to be prepared should snow ever actually come.

Everyone on the farm is missing a mitten and the book explores the concept of even and odd numbers as the animals and the farmer search for the missing winter wear.  This book is part of the Math Start series which is typically a good choice for introducing math concepts to younger students.

Now that he has learned about even and odd numbers,  I think I will have Isaac go and match up the gloves and mittens to practice.  I am sure he will be thrilled.


  1. The NY Times children's book section for tomorrow features several books on Snow for toddlers and early elementary kids. I can't wait to read Keats' Snowy Day with Ryan on our first snowy day. Thanks for your One is a Feast recommendation for Thanksgiving--we checked it out of the library and it has quickly become one of Ryan's favorites!

  2. Glad to hear that one is a hit. I really thought it was cute. I will check out the NY Times list.