14 December 2011

What a Big Nose You Have

If it weren't for the cold and the wet, Isaac would love building snowmen.  He talks about making one as soon as the first flakes fall.  We have never been very successful in our construction of the perfect snowperson, but we have made a couple of valiant efforts. As we try to teach Isaac, you only get better if you practice.

Our snowmen would probably look much more impressive if we actually had the proper materials on hand when they are needed.  Instead, we scramble to find something for the eyes and mouth, being woefully lacking in our coal supply.  And since we are not very fond of carrots, we never have a large one for the nose.  I am always jealous of the people who have perfect snowpeople in their front yards.

Maybe our not-so-stellar performance in the snowman making department is why Isaac likes Pip and Squeak by Ian Schoenherr.  It is about two mice searching for the perfect gift for their friend, who happens to be a rabbit.  They finally find it on the face of a fine snowman specimen.  I won't be surprised if Isaac begs me to buy carrots the next time we are at the grocery store so we will have them just in case.

I guess I should start looking for recipes that use carrots.  But I draw the line at buying coal.

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