06 November 2011

Accessible Love

Our church is undertaking a Capital Campaign to renovate and improve some of our space. The focus of the campaign has been access -- making the church accessible in all ways to all people. The campaign leadership team has emphasized that the work we are going to be doing is not for those of us using the space now, but for those who will come after us.

One of the things I have always appreciated about our church is that our children are included in everything we do. Milestones are also celebrated as the children grow up. Babies are presented the first time they come to church and then dedicated a few months later. Children get their first bible at their dedication, the first of seven bibles or books they will receive as they grow up in the church. The youth are recognized throughout their middle and high school years, and graduations from high school and college are important events.

Isaac's first bible is now falling apart. The spine has just about separated from the binding. When he turned four he received a beautiful book of psalms paraphrased for children. We some times use these as bedtime prayers. He received another bible when he entered first grade, a children's version of The Message.

We have talked a lot about the capital campaign with Isaac, at home as we have decided what our commitment will be and how Isaac can help, and in Sunday School as we have helped the children understand why the church is doing the campaign. I hope that some day Isaac will appreciate our church and the way he is loved. Right now, it is mostly the place where he sees his friend Aidan and the old ladies (no offense Darcy, Penny and Agnes) who always have a treat for him. Until he truly understands the value of this community of faith that we have stumbled upon, I will appreciate it for the both of us.

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