01 November 2011

Here We Go . . .

We had a conference with Isaac's teacher last week. He is doing well, progressing with his reading and catching on quick in math. But he likes to talk. So much so that there are days he is not finishing his class work because he is talking too much. Who would have thought our son would be a talker?

He is sitting right now, actually, finished with his breakfast, trying to get his homework done before school. He didn't do it last night because he had so much class work to finish. The talking doesn't bother me as much as the not finishing. He can talk all he wants as long as he has done what he needs to do.

In the conference we went over his DRA and DIBELS scores. These are the assessments that our county uses for reading. I am a teacher, though I do not administer these assessments, and I don't even really understand them. But his teacher says he is a certain level, so I will be bringing books home to read with him to give him extra support in building his independent reading skills.

I probably won't be writing about those books this month, though. They are not the most fascinating reading. I do have a list of many others that I want to share, so hopefully I will have enough to get me through the National Blog Posting Month challenge.

Check back each day . . . I promise to try to have a new post for you.

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