25 November 2011

Continuing the Feast

This book seems appropriate for the day after Thanksgiving, when many of us are still eating turkey sandwiches and leftover sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and apple pie.

Ogres, Ogres, Ogres: A Feasting Frenzy From A to Z by Jos A. Smith is an alphabet book.  But don't think that it is meant for non-readers.  The vocabulary is advanced and the ogres are not limited to eating apples and bananas.  Instead they feast on hummus, kumquats, oysters and vichyssoise.  The illustrations are fun and each letter is accompanied by an ogre with a name and action matching the letter. (Abednego adores anchovy butter and Queenie quaffs quantities of root beer.)

Don't assume that alphabet books are just for the littlest of kids.  Authors and publishers know that adults buy and read the books, too.  This one is especially tempting.  I probably won't get Isaac to eat anything mentioned in the book, but I may have to hunt down some parsnip quiche once the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone.

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