11 November 2011

Strength and Honor

Today is 11/11/11.   It is also Veterans Day.  I don't really have a book to share, though there are a few lists of recommended titles out there.

We don't have school and I am scheduling playdates and outings for our long weekend since Matt will be out of town and it's just the boy and I for a couple of days.  One thing I do think we will take the time to do is visit the grave of a friend who was killed in Iraq shortly after Isaac was born.

Isaac never knew Andrew, but he has heard the story of his life and death.  He knows how he died and where he was.  He has been told of his bravery and sense of honor.  He has even shared his version of Andrew's story with others.

I attended Andrew's funeral, but because Isaac was barely three months old at the time, I did not go to the graveside.  Matt has taken Isaac to visit more than once, but I still have not gone.  Today I will and Isaac and I will talk about Andrew and what today means and why it is important, not just because of our fallen friend, but because of all of the men and women who have given their time, health and lives in the service of our country.

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