13 November 2011

Miss You, Pop

My grandfather died one year ago today.  He was almost 103 years old.  It is still hard to believe he is gone -- it seemed like he would always be around.  Isaac got to meet him a few times, though he will not remember him well.  But he will always be a part of me because he was one of the most influential people in my life.

I pushed myself to do well in school because Poppy expected it.  College was not an "if" because Poppy expected I would go.  He had very high standards which I strived to meet.  I cannot say I got my love of books from him -- he read, but only the newspaper, the bible or a science magazine.  It was my grandmother who read the novels.  But I did get my value of education from him.  He was always learning.

I do remember being very young, in elementary school, just learning to read, and reading my grandfather a book that I had brought home from school.  I was practicing it, preparing to read it out loud to my class.  It was probably excruciating for him to sit through.  I don't remember what the book was, something about a playground, but after reading the leveled books that Isaac brings home I am sure it was not the most exciting book to listen to.

He did listen, though, and that memory sticks with me.  I think about it as we read with Isaac many nights.  I wish Poppy were around to listen to Isaac read.  Though maybe he is listening.  Somewhere out there.


  1. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries...all seem to be the hardest. This is a very nice tribute.