28 November 2011

Chicken Soup for the Reader's Soul

The library book that Isaac brought home from school the week before last was Souperchicken by Mary Jane and Herm Auch.  It is a book that celebrates reading. Most books do, I suppose, but this book's plot is centered around a chicken who learns to read and uses her ability to save her coop-mates from becoming chicken soup.

The message that "reading is important" can come across rather flat, but this book escapes that pitfall through humorous, computer generated pictures and lots of wordplay, most of which went over Isaac's head but got chuckles from me.  The Auchs have teamed up on more than one book starring poultry and their trademark illustrations make their books immediately recognizable.

Computer generated pictures can be tricky.  In some books, I feel like they lack depth and detract from the story rather than enhance it.  But, in others, the artist manages to add layers of interest and soften the effect.  The Auchs' books are some that I like the computer generated illustrations in.

Isaac enjoyed Souperchicken so I think I will bring a couple more of the Auchs' books home to read.  After this one, though, I doubt I will look at a can of chicken soup the same.

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