14 November 2011

Poultry 911

Farm animals seem to get big laughs in children's books, if they are not in danger of being sent to slaughter that is.  Some of my favorite books to read to Isaac and my classes center around the antics of a duck, sheep, pigs, cows, or chickens.  Or in some cases all of the above.

Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman is another book that turns the everyday life of the mundane farm animal into a giggle fest.  The chickens have a busy week helping out the farm family -- diving into a well to retrieve a watch, rewriting a book report that was eaten by the dog, making dinner, stopping a runaway truck, getting a cow out of the tree, and rounding up lost sheep.  They work so hard that on Sunday they are exhausted and don't respond to the milk emergency in the kitchen.  They are sleeping.  It is the day of rest after all.

Isaac thought the chickens' were rather funny as they swooped in and cleaned up messes or aided in emergencies.  I thought just reading about their exploits was tiring and I envied them their time off to sleep.  I am sure any busy mother who reads this book will feel the same.

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