30 November 2011

A Good Ending

I have the perfect book to end this month on . . . Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude by Kevin O'Malley.  It has a little something for everyone.

I write about books for boys, but I always like coming across a book that has a cool girl character.  This book has a cool girl, but lots of stuff for boys, too.  The premise -- two students are paired up to write a report about their favorite fairy tale.  When they cannot agree, they write their own.  And it is obvious which parts of the story each of them writes. There are ponies and princesses in the girl's version, but the boy adds in motorcycles and explosions to spice things up.  When the girl doesn't like how her princess is portrayed, she takes back over and kicks some butt.  They manage to agree on an ending that satisfactorily defeats the pony-kidnapping/eating giant.

What really makes this book unique is the collaboration of three illustrators on the pictures.  Each adds his/her own flavor to sections of the book, matching the pictures to the character narrating.  The effect is visually stimulating and really fun to read.

Isaac and I had fun reading this book.  We have had fun reading most of the books that I have written about over the last 30 days.  Thanks for hanging in there with me this month.  I hope you have been inspired to read something new.

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