04 November 2011

Yes, Boss!

Isaac is all boy, though construction doesn't fascinate him like it used to. A couple of years ago, we couldn't drive by a construction site without him getting excited about the big trucks and cranes and cables. Our trip to DC was a constant "look Mom!" or "see that Dad?" since DC is always building or fixing something. Now, Matt or I are the ones saying "Isaac, look . . . " with a half-hearted "Yeah" in response from the backseat.

But if I come across a construction book, I still bring it home to share just in case it sparks a dormant fascination. I came across just such a book in my reading for my Children's Lit group last month. Job Site by Nathan Clement is perfect for any little guy who loves big trucks, earth movers, or anything building related.

I will admit that I did not love the illustrations. They are computer generated and feel just a bit flat to me. But, I don't think that children will be bothered by that. I did like,though, that at the end of the book you see the completed site that all of the machines were working on. It was nice to see the project carried through to the end.

Now if I can just get Isaac to feel the same way about his classwork . . .

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