07 November 2011

Science Experiments 101

In a couple of years Isaac will be doing science fair projects for school.  Matt will help him.  It will  be better that way.  Trust me.  Matt actually already has a couple of experiments in mind . . . at least one of them may be appropriate for an elementary school science fair.

Isaac has already started showing interest in doing "experiments."  Luckily, he has not undertaken any of the projects on his own.  When we read 11 Experiments that Failed by Jenny Offill, I appreciated Isaac's restraint.

This book is actually very cute and captures the imagination and inquisitiveness of childhood with humor and understanding.  The main character is a girl, and while I write about books for boys, it is always nice to see girls depicted in strong or non-traditional roles.  She is a scientist at heart and conducts experiments around her house.  They all fail.  Miserably.  But she keeps trying, which is a great message about science education and life in general.

Isaac may soon decide to start trying experiments on his own.  I pray that we will escape unscathed  In the mean time, I think I will hunt down warranty information for our major appliances and make sure I have the plumber and other repairmen on speed dial.

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